Where I Began

I feel like I've been in the design industry for half of my life, although it's not quite that long yet! I began my journey with learning the basics of graphic design when I was still in high school, through participating in a project where we built and marketed our own imaginary business. I was intrigued by creating an identity and print collateral, which led me to learn as much as I could around the "traditional" side of print and digital design.

When I started taking college classes I went in to visual communications which primarily taught graphic design standards and techniques, but it also gave an introduction to the the rapidly growing technology around the web and how to design for it. Just seeing all of the amazing things you could do with tables and spacer GIFs (and yes, even Flash) at the end of the 90's was pretty amazing! It hit me right at that time - this was what I wanted to do with my life.

While the tools and technology have dramatically changed over the last fifteen years, one thing that has remained the same is the need for users to experience quality, engaging experiences on the web - they need more than just something that looks good. Thinking back to my early days of design, I'm thankful that I chose this path and for all that I've learned along the way. It's made me passionate about creating meaningful and engaging experiences that inspire, tell a story, solve a problem, educate users to help them reach their goals, or help businesses in achieving success through the use of technology.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

What I Do

I'm a User Experience Architect, Designer, and Front End Developer (also occasionally referred to as a "designicorn") who has been creating web and mobile solutions for almost fifteen years. Areas I work in include:

  • User Experience
    • Conducting user & stakeholder interviews
    • User & competitor research
    • Creating storyboards, user personas, customer journeys
    • Sitemap, functional & technical specification creation
    • Wireframe sketches and digital creation
    • Usability testing and analysis
  • Design
    • Style tiles
    • Creating digital hi-fi wireframes
    • Interface element design
    • Designing static comps/proof of concepts
    • Interactive clickable design mockups
  • Development
    • Rapid prototype builds (custom, Foundation, Susy, Bootstrap)
    • HTML5/HTML
    • SCSS, Sass, & CSS
    • JavaScript, jQuery library, AngularJS framework
    • Experience with C# & PHP
    • Cordova/PhoneGap hybrid mobile app framework

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